Have you heard about the amazing advantages of stamped concrete materials? Here at Unique Concrete, we offer stamped concrete contracting services in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. For those of you who are nervous about working with a new company, we have listed some tips for hiring a contractor here.

Get Estimates In Writing

Part of protecting yourself when it comes to dealing with contractors is getting everything in writing, including estimates. Don’t ever sign a contract without understanding it completely; you should never feel rushed to read and sign a contract. Any contract that you sign should include start and complete dates, contact information, detailed overview of work to be completed, material costs, payment details, warranty information, etc. 

Shop Around

There is no point in choosing a contractor if you are not going to at least look at a couple of options. The first thing that you should do is get quotes from multiple people and compare prices. Make sure each quote is for the same type and quality of work. Just remember, the lowest price does not necessarily mean the best value. If a contractor is significantly undercutting their competitors, that is a red flag that they may possibly be cutting corners.

Get References

One of the best ways to judge a contractor’s work is through their references. Perhaps you know some friends and family who have suggestions. Maybe you need to look online. Or perhaps the contractor will have some handy for you to look at. What is even better than references? Looking at the contractor’s previous work. If you can find both, you will have a great idea of the quality of work the contractor puts out.


Before signing on with a contractor, you want to make sure they are insured. Will your home be covered for any damages it might incur while under construction? Does their work come with a warranty? Is it the manufacturer’s warranty? While you are checking for proper insurance coverage, make sure that your contractor has all of the proper licenses they will need to perform the services they are offering.

Hold Onto Your Contract

Ideally, you won’t ever need it again, but hold onto your contract in case any problems arise. If there is any problem with the work that you receive, you want your contract handy so that you can resolve any issues as they come up.


Hopefully, these tips will help you find a contractor for any type of work you’re searching for. If you are looking for stamped concrete installation in Fort Wayne, our contractors at Unique Concrete are the people to call! We are experts at working with stamped concrete. When you hire us for the job, we will get the job done right, on time, the first time. Feel free to give us a call for more information on our services, we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.