Unique Concrete Custom Garage Floors

Unique Concrete provides superior Duralast garage floor coatings. We are highly trained providing superior workmanship and quicker installation times. Most of our Duralast brand coating projects are completed with a 1 day installation that will last longer than any other concrete coating you’ve ever had. With our tireless work ethic and attention to detail, you can be assured of the best quality installation every time. Request a free quote today and get your concrete flooring protected better than you’ve ever experienced.

Making Your Concrete Floors Come to Life!

Unique Concrete is a family-owned and operated business serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas with superior concrete Duralast Floor Coatings. The Duralast product that we use for your residential or commercial floor is five times stronger than epoxy, it doesn’t chip, it doesn’t peel, it’s UV stable and 100% anti-bacterial! It’s salt and oil resistant too! 


Duralast coatings are a UV-stable topcoat for your concrete flooring. Your topcoat will not peel or mar, and is 5x stronger than the leading brand of concrete coating when it comes to staying on your concrete. Duralast is also soap and oil resistant, meaning that you can wash your concrete flooring without worrying about your cleaning materials seeping into the coating—they wipe off clean. Duralast comes available in more than 15 different colors for your satisfaction.